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A Note from Pastor Corey-November 1, 2018

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Dear St. Lukers,

This Sunday, we start our Stewardship sermon series, “In ___ We Trust.” Over the next four weeks, we’re going to talk about and fill in the blank. As you know of course, the most obvious and appropriate answer is God. As you also know, In God We Trust” comes from the bold statement and claim printed on our currency. However, you may not know that it is the official motto of the United States and State of Florida.

We just finished our Wesley Challenge, 21 Questions in 21 Days (how did you do?). Now, we’re going to ask ourselves a 22nd Question: What does it mean for us to live by this motto? As followers of Christ, we’re called to be good stewards who put our trust solely in God and not in money.

During this series, we’ll look at four impactful passages from the Book of Jeremiah. He’s a faithful prophet that faced threats throughout his ministry, yet continued to trust in God. Seeking a life of faithfulness and stewardship, we must do the same: trust in God.

Join Pastor Jenn and me, as we start with the familiar words from Jeremiah 1:4-10 about our birth and purpose. As we marvel at the creation and dawn of new life, we will also stare silently at the end of it. For this Sunday, we will celebrate All Saint’s Day, remembering all those that have died and entered into eternal glory this past year. These faithful Saints leave behind a precious memory and Legacy. Like Jeremiah, they too remind us of the importance of remaining faithful and trusting in God.

As you leave worship on Sunday morning, you’ll have two opportunities to be faithful stewards living out your Legacy.

 Prayer Week

Prayer Week kicks off this Sunday, along with the Stewardship Series. Together, our prayers and giving (of our time, talents, treasures) will prepare us to make our 2020+ Vision a reality. Sign up right now for a half-hour time slot online at Prayer Week or this Sunday outside of each venue. Plus, join us on campus for prayer stations and activities throughout the week!

Legacy Celebration

This Sunday evening, we will have our first annual Legacy Celebration. This gathering will celebrate the past ministry made possible through our permanent Endowments (McKeefery Scholarship and Mission Capital) and anticipate our future impact, by planting seeds of Legacy gifts. Legacy gifts are planned gifts that we offer unto God and the church in order to contribute to God’s work in the world, long beyond our earthly lives. Having the ability to move mountains, these powerful seeds of faith and love will transform our church’s future and maximize our ministry potential.

See you Sunday morning and evening, because it’s not St. Luke’s without U!

Pastor Corey

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