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Why I’m a St. Luker by Reva Casimir

Posted on June 22, 2016 at 9:52 pm in .

Why I’m a St. Luker

by Reva Casimir

On Easter Sunday 2013 I walked into St. Luke’s and found my church family. As Pastor Jenn so passionately said on Easter, we all have our demons and I am no different. I had been trying to find a church to attend since I moved to Orlando for my job, which transferred me here with Veteran Affairs in May of 2012. Mind you, I was not trying very hard (those demons I mentioned). That day I walked into St. Luke’s though, I felt such an overwhelming sense of calm.


I received a plethora of ‘Good Mornings’ and ‘Happy Easters’ and ‘How can I help you’ offers. I was amazed at the smiles and welcoming gestures I saw here and felt as much at home as if I walked into my own front door.


If that was not enough, I was alone (as I often am, because I am single), and after I sat down in the traditional service, a few minutes later, a family sitting next to me said hello and introduced themselves. I was amazed, impressed, and shocked. NO where I went had this happened until I came here.


If that was not enough, I felt so at home, because the same prayers were used, hymns sung that I was used to, and yes, I shed a tear. This was the beginning of a new journey for me; because, you see, I have always been a Christian, but, as many do, I have not always been following my heart on the right path. St. Luke’s has been a light in a dark place, and I am grateful every day to have found this church family.


Since Easter 2013, I joined as a member (June, 2015), and I volunteer with the Project Connect team, because I want to be that smiling face new people searching (like I was) for a church home see when they come to St. Luke’s. I am a St. Luker for sure!


~ Reva Casimir

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