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St. Luke’s Staff Update-October 31, 2019

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Through the 4D Vision, new ministries were created to deepen St. Luke’s understanding of acceptance and hospitality through initiatives like Shalom Sessions, a new Committee on Inclusiveness, and opportunities to grow deeper in our understandings of being a diverse and inclusive church that reflects God’s Kingdom. In our new 2020+ Vision, we can awaken disciples through deeper leadership, use of our spiritual gifts, and broadening our intergenerational mentoring and connection.

New ministries including community life, off-campus fresh expressions, and evangelism opportunities through sports, theater, and children, youth, and young adult ministries mean more St. Lukers will need to be awakened not only in their spiritual formation but leadership, servanthood, and witness as well. It’s going to take us breaking the old 80/20 rule of church work (80 percent of the work done by 20 percent of the people) as we seek to be “all in” disciples leading an “all in” church.

This quarter we announced that Pastor Jad will transition to the role of Minister of Community Life, Kim Paredes has been promoted to Director of Care Ministries, and Jeremy Green will join us in January as the Assistant Minister of Community Life to begin some of these exciting new ministries. Based on current giving trends, we also recognize the need for broader adult ministries to strengthen spiritual formation in particular ways including training that will help develop emerging leaders for what we are calling “neighborhood living.” This initiative will help St. Lukers live intentionally in God’s neighborhood especially in our divided climate.

We are excited to announce that Steve Schneeberger, as Executive Director of Grow Ministries, will oversee the recruitment of spiritual formation leaders and will develop a framework for new studies. Steve will be working with St. Luke’s Adult Spiritual Formation Core Team to create training and development tools for new facilitators that will aid in strengthening our holistic discipleship model.

In addition to teaching, working with St. Luke’s Partners4Peace, and leading dialogue trips, Bill Barnes, our Teaching Pastor, will be creating a curriculum on how to critically read and interpret scripture for deepening Biblical knowledge. These opportunities for foundational theological grounding and Wesleyan training will be accessible through on-campus classes and off-campus learning to further integrate personal theological engagement within our everyday culture and life.

Caryn Royer will continue her work with adults under a new title and job description as the Director of Adult Engagement. Caryn will assist with curriculum planning and incorporating worship themes into spiritual formation groups, personal devotions, and contemplative ministry. Caryn will also work with Pastor Jenn and our Lay Leadership Committee to develop ongoing leadership training, best practices for diversity and inclusion, and connections with community partners like Valencia Peace and Justice Institute who will help St. Lukers and our community learn more about “neighborhood living.”

In 2020, St. Luke’s will look to create weekend retreats for women, men, young adults, retirees and couples to gather for belonging and deepening relationships as well as to share contemplative disciplines and a time of spiritual formation. These retreats will allow attendees to assess their spiritual maturity and choose their next steps to grow in their own engagement and formation.

Your St. Luke’s leaders are energized by this holistic opportunity to engage with our congregation in new ways that move us even closer toward our 2020+ Vision. If you’re interested in getting in on the ground level of this exciting ministry work, we want to hear from you! Email us to learn more about serving on a design team.

Here’s to clearer vision as we move into 2020 and beyond.

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