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St. Luke’s Staff Update-October 24, 2019

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It’s more important than ever that the church carefully steward resources as it looks ahead to the 2020+ Vision. In exploring options to complement St. Luke’s current clergy team, church leaders considered the need to further engage adult disciples, build high capacity teams, inspire allies for inclusion, and begin fresh expressions of church that will redefine worship. Your leaders have been working to align the gifts and graces of current staff members and also narrow St. Luke’s financial gap.

Pastor Jad (Minister of Care) and Kim Paredes (Administrator for Care Ministries) have done an excellent job in Care Ministries creating new teams and processes to care for St. Luke’s congregation. Pastor Jad is gifted at meeting new people, connecting them to caring communities, and inviting them to experience St. Luke’s. Kim works diligently and thoughtfully to ensure those needing care are connected to the people and resources that can help.

Effective January 1, 2020, Kim Paredes will transition to a new position as the Director of Care Ministries. She will oversee St. Luke’s congregational care teams and support groups. The Congregational Visitation Team will continue to visit hospitals alongside all of the pastors, including Pastor David Stephens. Kim has already been working at the director capacity for some time and we can’t wait to see how she will share her gifts and talents with Care Ministries in this new role.

Effective January 1, 2020, Pastor Jad will assume the title of Minister of Community Life overseeing Care Ministries with an expanded focus on reaching potential new St. Lukers. Jad began the Cluster Group ministry in 2012 by creating the process and framework for these groups and has a passion for creating systems that help us engage with new people. Jad will also be helping to oversee new fresh expression teams to build community across the generations off campus.

To support these transitions, Luky Nova, St. Luke’s Associate Director of Events and Operations, will spend part of her time assisting Care Ministries with administrative needs. Luky has been instrumental in helping with funerals and weddings and this will be a very natural fit for her as well.

As a result of reorganizing Care Ministries, St. Luke’s is excited to welcome Jeremy Green in January as the Assistant Minister of Community Life. In this role, he will assist Jad with a focus on singles and starters, (those young adults out of college and newly married), he will help build a team for our ministries to create a comprehensive plan to navigate and celebrate life for all generations, and he will begin to look at fresh expressions with Jad that will reach a younger age group. Jeremy will also assist with pastoral care and work toward his candidacy and ministry credentials.

If you have any questions, you can contact a member of St. Luke’s Executive Leadership team by clicking here. Please extend congratulations to these St. Luke’s staff members who will help further align ministries to Awaken Disciples to Reveal the Kingdom.

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