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Update From Staff Parish Relations Committee-April 17, 2015

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St. Luke’s began 2015 with a unique opportunity for staff to absorb open positions in fiscally responsible ways while still fulfilling our purpose and working toward realizing our vision.  A great deal of time was spent looking at the needs for ministry as well as staff skills and passions to restructure our current staff organization. This restructuring of our staff gives us a cost savings to our operating budget of approximately $130,000 and helps St. Luke’s grow in the ministry areas of Worship, Connect, Grow, Serve and Commit.

In past years, the directors who oversee children, youth, and adults in our Grow ministries (spiritual formation for all ages) have been supervised by one of St. Luke’s pastors.  We felt in order to take discipleship to the next level, we needed an executive leadership team member dedicated solely to the area of spiritual formation.  Jayne Andrews will serve as Executive Director of Grow Ministries on the leadership team overseeing children, youth and adult spiritual formation.  Jayne has proven her gifts and skills include fostering spiritual growth in our children and young people. As her first project, Jayne will be leading the search for both our Director of Youth Ministries, (Andrew Miller will be receiving an appointment as a local pastor of a church beginning in July) and our Director of Adult Discipleship. 

Janet Chambers has been promoted to Director of Children’s Ministries and we are excited to see how children’s ministries will grow under her expertise and leadership. She has already strengthened the connection between children’s ministries and the families at our Child Development Center. April Outing has also taken on additional responsibilities as our Coordinator of Children and Youth Ministries. She will continue in her role overseeing child care and will now coordinate the facilities and volunteer needs for these additional Grow ministry areas as well.

Dawn Fleming will move to the Leadership team as our Executive Director of Marketing and Connect Ministries. This move allows communications and connection to the church and community to have a prominent voice in our long-term vision and strategy.

These additions allows the leadership team to have dedicated voice and vision for each area of Worship, Connect, Grow, Serve and Commit, alongside our pastoral team who provide care, leadership, teaching and preaching to our daily ministries.

Another improvement opportunity is in the area of recruiting, training, and sustaining volunteers as the backbone of our ministries. To assist with these efforts, a new position was created to support both ministry directors and administrators. Laura Turner will be our new Associate Director of Volunteer Ministry using her administration skills and attention to detail to help us provide the best serving experience possible for our congregation.

We now have three staff members sharing the administrative work of each of our ministry areas.

Amy Winslow will be the Administrator for Worship and Support. Kim Paredes, who started with St. Luke’s on a contract basis, is now serving as Administrator of Connect, Care, and Grow Ministries. Peggy Caverly will work as Administrator of The School of the Arts and Serve Ministries, helping Serve Ministries interface with our new database.

Our Serve ministry area has also had some transition over the last several months. We welcome Kellie Brinker as our part-time Associate Director of Missions. Kellie assists in connecting volunteer desires with local mission opportunities. Additionally, Sophia Scott works approximately 15 hours per week ensuring the accuracy of the Serve webpages and other communication pieces. Serve still has approximately 30 hours a week of available staff time which may be filled later in 2015. They are doing a wonderful job of making it all happen so they are holding off until they have had enough time to analyze the needs within this ministry area.

The Finance Department has been restructured as well. The resignation of our Director of Finance in January allowed us to revision this ministry area. We hired Lisa Lietz as Finance Assistant to oversee contributions and accounts payable. Lisa comes to us after many years of service as the Business Administrator at First United Methodist Church in Downtown Orlando. Pastor Corey Jones will add Stewardship Ministries to his overall responsibilities; helping us connect our stewardship of time, talents, and resources to our growth as disciples.

After months of working as interims in our Traditional Music Ministries, we are also excited to announce that John Mason will be serving as Creative Director of Traditional Music Ministries and Amy Martin Cole will be serving as Choral Director of Traditional Music Ministries.  The pair will collaborate to strengthen our current choirs as well as expand our traditional music ministries.

Through the restructuring efforts listed above we hope you see the diligent work that your lay leaders, staff, and clergy have undertaken to balance good stewardship with the vision of the church.  In worship on Sunday, April 19 you will receive a “Who to Contact” document that provides direction for many frequently asked questions. Sunday, April 19 is also the Conference Pastoral Announcement day, when churches across the conference will be receiving announcements about pastoral changes and reappointment.  You will be seeing a representative from Staff Parish in each of our worship services to share information about St. Luke’s and its pastoral team. Please keep all our staff in your prayers as the ministry they provide us is truly a calling and their gifts to fulfill this calling are numerous. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the St. Luke’s Staff Parish Relations Committee.

In His Service,

St. Luke’s Staff Parish Relations Committee

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