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Update on St. Luke’s Center for Christian Leadership

Posted on September 8, 2016 at 6:09 pm in ,.

Over the past year, retired St. Luke’s Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. William “Bill” Barnes, St. Luke’s member Alice Williams, and the Church Council have been working to identify the areas of focus for the St. Luke’s Center for Christian Leadership as well as partnerships with various resources such as Candler School of Theology in Atlanta.

Five areas of excellence have been identified based on St. Luke’s gifts and graces: Worship Design, Church Administration, Leadership Development, Mission Engagement, and Peace and Reconciliation. These ministry areas will serve as the foundation for curriculum that facilitates teaching opportunities for both clergy and laity beyond St. Luke’s since our church is uniquely positioned to share best practices in these development areas.

Current work efforts include development of our branding, business plan and program offerings in these areas. Programing will include classes, e-learning sessions, forums, and experiential learning opportunities.  Our plan is to have some “beta test” offerings as early as Spring 2017. Additionally, as part of the International focus for Peace and Reconciliation, Pastor Bill and Rev. Gary Mason are leading a trip to Poland in April 2017 titled “The Holocaust and Anti-Semistism in Eastern Europe”. Interested persons can register at  Tour: PB17  Date 050217 Code P  ID 04783.

Please keep this work in your prayers as we continue to discern God’s calling in development of the St. Luke’s Center for Leadership!

For clarity, please note that the Barnes Learning Center, as part of the Commit Campaign, will expand St. Luke’s capacity for adult spiritual formation of our congregation especially focusing on our 4D goal of turning the church inside out (technology) and growing deeper. The Barnes Learning Center facility located in the new Founder’s Hall venue will be for use by St. Lukers while the St. Luke’s Center for Christian Leadership (a separate initiative) will primarily serve those outside of our congregation.

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