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A Note from Caryn Royer-April 29, 2021

Posted on April 29, 2021 at 3:01 pm in .

Dear St. Lukers,

There’s something about sidekicks…they are so interesting, often because of the ways they are so different from the hero–but so like us.

I’m awkward and unsure…but God sent me on the journey anyway.

Part of the sidekick’s journey is to find their place next to the hero and to understand what their role will be in the adventure. Like the sidekick that I am, I often find myself looking around and wondering, “How can I help? What can I do?” St. Luke’s story is filled with people who have found their role and are able to shine and make an impact.

I have the privilege of being “the sidekick’s sidekick” at St. Luke’s. I work with each of you to understand your spiritual gifts and use them in the ministry of the church to bring the Kingdom to reality here on Earth. Whether you have already learned about your gifts, or plan to join us on Pentecost Sunday to learn more, there are two easy opportunities for each of us that change the story for people throughout our community:

  • St. Luke’s Worship and Tech Ministries are full of sidekicks who have kept us all connected in new and inventive ways (over the last 14+ months especially!). Have you ever wondered how our amazing virtual choir comes to life each week? St. Luker John Cole has created a short video about the process from the idea to seeing it in worship. If you would like to join the team that creates these beautiful and moving pieces, join the Tech Team for a Behind the Scenes Tour on May 16 starting at 2:00 p.m. in Founder’s Hall. You will see firsthand how the altar gets to our homes each and every week!
  • St. Luke’s applauds the onePULSE Foundation on their OUTLOVE HATE Campaign to preserve the memory of the 49 Angels taken in the Pulse nightclub shooting, and to prevent this tragedy from happening again. The campaign’s goal is to raise $49 million through $49 donations that will go toward building a permanent National Memorial and Museum, as well as offering educational programs, community outreach, and 49 annual legacy scholarships. With a $49 donation, your photo will be added to the permanent display at the onePULSE Museum.

Beginning this Sunday (May 2), visit the check-in tables before worship to write “Love Notes” to the first responders, families, and survivors of the Pulse tragedy. These brief messages of hope, healing, and love are a symbol of solidarity and remembrance to those who receive them. From now to May 30, we will be collecting these cards for the onePULSE Foundation ahead of the 5-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub tragedy. Please return your completed cards to the church office. You can also click here to download the postcard to print at home.

Each day working with you, I am reminded that sidekicks are heroes, too.



Caryn Royer, St. Luke’s Director of Adult Engagement



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