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A Note from Pastor Jad-January 25, 2018

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Grace and Peace St. Lukers!

This past weekend, our Theater Ministry wrapped up its first winter play “Driving Miss Daisy.” If you were not able to catch one of our four shows, you missed truly exceptional work by not only the three talented actors, but also all the tech, prop and back-stage team members who made it happen. We witnessed a powerful story of two unlikely people who came together and found in each other a “best-friend.” I got to see it Friday night with two of our children. Memories came flooding back when Hoke tells Miss Daisy that there was a bombing at her synagogue – the Temple in Atlanta.

My memories aren’t of the bombing (I wasn’t born yet), but I worshipped in the Temple while in seminary, and I’ve had the honor of sharing meals with Rabbi Emeritus Sugarman. Rabbi Sugarman was there when the Temple was bombed, and he worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for civil rights in Atlanta. Rabbi Sugarman witnessed first-hand that Great Modern Prophet of our Lord speak truth and power. Rabbi Sugarman has been telling people about Dr. King’s message ever since. Dr. King made an impact on Rabbi Sugarman, and has made an impact on so many others.

This Sunday, we are thinking about how we can make an impact with our witness. Pastor Corey and I will be preaching about Philip, a disciple of Jesus who has no trouble telling others about Jesus. Just like Rabbi Sugarman tells of Dr. King, Philip tells of Jesus.

I hope you can join us this weekend in worship as we learn more about Philip, and how we, too, can make an impact with our witness.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jad

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