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A Note from Pastor Jad-March 5, 2020

Posted on March 5, 2020 at 1:15 pm in .

Grace and Peace Beloved St. Lukers,

Have you been outside? Oh my how beautiful it has been this week…this is why we live here. I recently heard a micro-biologist talking about the nutrients in the soil and the health benefits of walking barefoot in the grass. There are chemical reactions that happen to our skin, to our bodies when we touch the earth, when we are connected with creation. I think there is a spiritual connection and benefit also.

I know this to be true when we connect with each other, when we learn about the person we are with, when we gain a different perspective from our own. I know there is something spiritual that happens when we are with other people. For the Hebrew people you should not read Torah alone you should do it in community!

We need to be connected. That is why being in worship, being in small group study and fellowship are so important and that is why I love our play “Steel Magnolias” that opens this weekend. It is a powerful and intimate story in an immersive setting about how our lives interact with each other, about how we are intertwined together as community and as humanity. It’s like walking through the grass. We get connected, there is something chemical and spiritual that happens. I hope you take the opportunity to see “Steel Magnolias” and be inspired by this beautiful story (click here to purchase tickets).

I hope to see you in worship as we seek to beLOVED this Lent and get connected with God and each other. I hope you will take off your shoes and take a stroll outside and get connected with creation, it’s beautiful.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jad

Minister of Community Life

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