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A Note from Pastor Jenn-September 16, 2021

Posted on September 16, 2021 at 11:50 am in .

Dear St. Lukers,

Many of you have probably seen clips on news and social media about Lin Manuel Miranda, writer of Broadway’s In the Heights and Hamilton, singing New York, New York on the first night Hamilton came back to the stage. Broadway is coming back…and so is Theatre at St. Luke’s!

I sat in Founder’s Hall last night for rehearsal and watched people dance and sing with the first testing of lights, scenery and props. It gave me all the feels! There was an energy and excitement in the room we all have missed. Even with all of the necessary precautions of masks and social distanced seating, it’s going to be a production not to be missed. We have many new people joining the artistic team and the cast for the first time and the set and stage alone is something we’ve never done before. Click the button below to reserve your tickets before they’re gone.

As I watched a bit of rehearsal, I couldn’t help but think about the comparison of Sky Masterson, the ego driven, swaggering gambler and King David. If you know the story of Guys and Dolls, you know both men use a woman to play the odds in their favor. David loses so much, but while Sky loses his financial bet, he wins in love. Not just with the girl, but with his life. The truth is, both men, through the power of grace and redemption, are transformed forever.

Last week Pastor Jeremy and I tackled the tough chapter of 2 Samuel chapter 11. We wrestled together with the character of the nemesis, which more often than not is our own egos. We looked at this character and the role it plays in our personal lives and collectively how our egos from Genesis to today have created brokenness in our communities through systems created to give power to some at the harm of another.

This Sunday we move quickly from David’s nemesis ego doing harm and creating trauma to others and his relationship with God in chapter 11 straight into chapter 12 with Nathan the prophet. Nathan speaks truth to power and helps David see the truth of how his ego has been his nemesis. He confessed to God how his ego as nemesis guided him to the shadow side of his calling as a King, and as a child of God.

Join Jeremy and I in worship, either in-person or online, as we consider those who have been prophets in our lives, how God might be inviting us to be a prophet for someone, but also how God might be calling us toward our own transformation through grace. We invite you to read not only 2 Samuel 12, but also Psalm 51, attributed as a psalm of David’s confession.

Until Sunday, prayers of blessing, grace, and most of all shalom,


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