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A Note from Pastor Jenn-September 17, 2020

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Dear St. Lukers,

I hope you have been learning and growing as we have sought to be Purple People for whom Love Matters More! I’ve actually seen many of you taking to social media and in divisive moments calling for Love to Matter More. As we are watching political choices divide red states and blue states, and as candidates begin to come to Florida to turn our state one color or the other, the need for humanity to rise above toward purple in order to stay one is immense. Primarily because it’s not red or blue that’s going to solve problems like the rising number of people who are homeless, hungry, or unemployed in our city, it’s going to take ALL of us…hence, purple.

We have heard from Jesus that the work of Purple beloved children of God’s Kingdom is to see everyone they meet as equally beloved in the eyes of God. We must intentionally work to not put people into the boxes of this world, and instead, see people with God’s eyes.

Jesus told us last week we need to go to one another when there has been brokenness between us. Face our fear of conflict and not just seek to “get it right” but stay with one another until we “make it right.”

This week Jesus pushes our comfort level even farther and demands even more maturity and trust in God. Purple people forgive. I could add so much more, but bottom line, that’s the next step of purple Kingdom living…forgiveness. For all of you Baby Boomers out there…Don Henley must have used Matthew 18:21-35 when he wrote:

I’ve been tryin’ to get down
To the heart of the matter
But my will gets weak
And my thoughts seem to scatter
But I think it’s about forgiveness
Forgiveness…Even if, even if you don’t love me anymore

Forgiveness proves love matters more. Join us Sunday for worship as we get down to the heart of the matter, and frankly what is often the hardest matter of being purple people. If you have time I invite you to watch a conversation between Bishop Carter and Dr. Gary Mason, our decades long friend, pastor and leader from Northern Ireland talk about this Scripture in the Bishop’s weekly Bible study on the lectionary.

In the meantime, may your heart be strong, may your faith be courageous, and may purple prepare you to be a person who proves with your life that love matters more.

Grace and peace,


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