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A Note From Pastor Melissa-July 19, 2018

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Dear St. Lukers,

I sincerely hope you were with us last Saturday at “Take pART.” If you were, you know what an incredible event it was, and you saw the ways that families and individuals were able to connect with God and with one another through dance, through art, through music, through theater arts … through so many expressions of God’s giftedness in each of us.

One of my favorite parts of being a St. Luker now is the incredible artistic giftedness we see throughout our congregation. As Minister of Worship and Arts, I get a front row seat to see the incredible artistic expressions we enjoy each week in worship and throughout all our ministries. Certainly our location in an entertainment hub is part of that blessing we have received, but I think there is something deeper to consider.

Any time we are blessed to hear or see the work of a talented St. Luker or community member, I want us to remember something: God has called and gifted us all. Sometimes, we see talented people (our artists who painted during worship a few weeks ago are at the top of my list right now!) and we’re reminded of our shortcomings. (I canNOT do what they do!)

And yet, I hope that as we continue to integrate art into the fabric of our church community, you will see the talent in these different areas and be reminded of your own abilities. We are not all artists in the sense of what we saw on Saturday, and yet, God has made us all gifted and creative in our own ways.

This Sunday, we’re going to be talking about a passage from Romans that reminds us that even when we don’t feel like our gifts are enough, God will still use them. The Holy Spirit works in and through us, both through our giftedness and through our weakness. We’ll look at how, no matter what, if we are seeking to follow God and live into the call God has placed on our lives, we will be part of spreading God’s love throughout the world.

I hope you’ll also be sure to bring a backpack with you to worship this week for our backpack drive! While choosing and purchasing a backpack for a child in need may not feel like a “creative” act, it is! You’re using your gifts and blessings to spread love in the world, to empower another one of God’s children to have the tools they need for school, a place they are hopefully exploring the giftedness that God has given them in their lives as well.

See you Sunday! Bring your creative spirit as we talk about how we Spread Love in the world!


Pastor Melissa

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