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Blog Post from Pastor Jenn-December 7, 2017

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Dear St. Lukers,

It’s Christmas Concert week! In fact, there are still some tickets left for Saturday night’s performance, so why not purchase some and invite a friend? Click here for tickets

Concert week has always been a special week for our family. Eleven years ago we brought the kids to see the Christmas concert as guests. They were in awe of the music and the dancers, the scenery and lights, the children’s choir and the orchestra. On the way home, we asked them what they thought it might be like to attend such a church. They laughed and said it would be amazing, but how could that happen? We then told them that in January, Orlando would be our new home and St. Luke’s would be their new church.

Truth be told, I had been in talks with Pastor Bill and Pastor Beth Farabee as well as the Bishop and Cabinet for months. It was one of the hardest decisions to make, and I really thought we would be here just long enough to get Sam through Kindergarten. But God had other plans. As I’ve shared before, it wasn’t until my mentor, Francis Jennings said to me, “Where will you have to learn to trust in God more than you trust yourself?” I realized we needed to follow a new road to Orlando. This was going to be the road to lead me closer to God. When Stephanie Adams sang “Breath of Heaven” during the concert, a song I used to sing in my dad’s church year after year, I finally found God’s peace and knew somehow this would become home. I knew in that holy, quiet moment, God had a calling for all of us, and our work was to be faithful and say yes.

This is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my entire life. It’s a very different practice for me, to learn the discipline of staying but it’s taught me to lean into finding home, not just physically but spiritually.

Peace is the second candle we will light in Narnia this Sunday. A peace that comes from the one who came to save us from ourselves and comfort us from this world. Isaiah 40:1-11 speaks of our need for a deliverer to come and open up a new pathway for us to return to God. Our call is to be faithful and say yes. This week we will encounter the Edmund sibling, who represents the son and daughter of Adam in each of us. Each of us encounter those moments when we are tempted to trust in ourselves instead of the God who calls us, even in Advent. In fact, probably even MORE during this season. What roads and decisions are you facing in this Advent season?  Is the temptation to go your own path whispering in your ear like a winter wind? If my friend were to ask you the same question she did for me, what would your answer be? Where do you need to go, or what are you being called to do, in order to learn to trust God, more than you trust yourself? Advent is the season to prepare your hearts and listen to these whispers, because maybe, God is calling you to a find your spiritual home.

Cannot wait to see you this weekend in Narnia.



We are hoping for a Christmas Miracle!

We have received 411 of the 1225 gifts we need to make the dreams of 1225 OCPS students and East Winter Garden children come true! The gift trees are looking bare as so many of the gift tags are in your loving hands. We are ready for the deluge of gifts this Sunday in either the breezeway outside of the sanctuary or by the Wish Trees outside of Founder’s Hall.

All OCPS gifts are due this Sunday, December 10th  (white labels)

All East Winter Garden gifts are due Sunday, December 17th by 11:00 a.m. (green labels)

We will always take cash, check or charge donations and will be outside worship this Sunday to accept your gifts. We are grateful for all of you and know that we will have our famous St. Luke’s finish exceeding all expectations!

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