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Blog Post from Pastor Jenn-March 22, 2018

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Dear St. Lukers,

God’s love wins. Our human love fails way too often, but God’s love always wins. This is why we chose the theme “Love Wins” for Lent this year. No other agenda or reason but to remind ourselves, even though the word love is thrown around casually in society, there is a Love that is real, authentic, and sure.

This phrase has been the motto we have held ahead of us on our journey through the wilderness this Lent. We have seen clues along the way, as Jesus predicted his death and showed his willingness to prove how God’s love is so different. Jesus has shown us a love willing to be vulnerable, willing to relinquish self and live into a passion for God’s Kingdom. A love so secure in God’s faithfulness it will sacrifice anything to bring about life. This Sunday, his actions allows each of these words come to life for us with one final teaching. In the essence of humility, Jesus sets his face toward Jerusalem, the Upper Room, the Garden, Pilates Court and finally the hill he will climb with his cross, our cross.

Just like the first week of Lent, when many of us don’t really feel comfortable with the wilderness, when it comes to Holy Week, our temptation is to jump from Palm Sunday to Easter. We have great reasons, but sometimes it’s a heart temptation more than a scheduling conflict. I get it too. Sometimes, I’m not really sure I have the constitution to linger as Jesus washes my feet, and hands me bread. There are seasons of my life when standing at the foot of the cross just feels too much. I walk to the door of the prayer labyrinth and freeze, because I’m not sure I want to hear what Jesus is going to say in that moment. But I have also learned, those are the times God has a divine appointment I really need to keep, because there is something meant to show me the love I’ve been longing for but couldn’t actually express.

I pray if you are looking to experience a deeper love than you are witnessing right now, looking for something solid to trust in and lean on, hoping beyond hope to know you are cared for, loved, forgiven, that you matter. Join us this week to watch God’s love win in Jesus Christ. Be intentional and join us this Sunday for worship, Thursday night in Founder’s Hall at 7:00 p.m., Friday night in the Sanctuary at 6:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m., and come to the prayer labyrinth (click here for times). Make the journey to watch, listen, taste, feel how Christ enabled us to be able to claim just exactly how love wins on Easter Sunday. Bring your fears, hopes, shame and doubt and let those places of the heart be filled, healed, surrendered and raise back up in glorious love.

See you Sunday, ready to journey with you and with Jesus,


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