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Instructions & Guidelines 

1. We recommend that you use your phone with earbuds to listen to the accompaniment track and to use your laptop to record your video.

2. But, if you don’t have a laptop computer, you can use any type of digital camera you are comfortable with. Smartphones and/or webcams are probably the easiest way to accomplish this but feel free to use anything else you have at home.

3. Please shoot video horizontally (sideways). Just think about what your TV looks like. Vertical (up/down) video is much harder to work with and won’t fit into our finished video.

4. Please be close to your recording device for better audio and be in a quiet place.

5. Also make sure there is enough light in the space you choose. Dark video becomes very grainy

6. You must use headphones or earbuds to listen to the accompaniment track so that you are recording JUST your voice. Need some additional help from Amy?

7. If you are using your camera or phone to record yourself, use a tripod, if possible, to reduce video shake or prop it up somewhere if you don’t have a tripod.

8. Once you have recorded your video, you will need to upload it to us.  At the bottom of the Web page click on “All Done?”  This will take you to the Submissions page.  Scroll down to the title of the song or project that you have created your video for and click on it.  Click on the “Click here to submit your….video” link.  Next, click on the blue “Select files” button and navigate to your video file.  Click on your video file and then click on the Open button.  Confirm that your video file is now listed and fill in your First name and Last name.  Click on the Upload button and then sit back, relax, and watch your upload progress.  You did it!

9. Here are links to two videos that you will find helpful that take you step by step through the recording process.  One shows how to record with your phone and the other how to record with your computer.

How to Record your Virtual Choir Video using your phone –
How to Record your Virtual Choir video using your Computer –

We need to add some fine print below…  

By submitting this media content, you hereby consent to the use of these photographs and/or recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes. You understand that the term “photograph” as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage.You further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church to reproduce and use said photographs and recordings of my voice, for us in all domestic and foreign markets.You hereby release St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, and any of its employees or associates from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

Need some help from Amy?


Amy’s Choral Warm-Ups!

Children’s Choir

Please VISIT our Children’s Choir Google Website for ALL videos, dates, etc for Projects!!!




Ladies Ensemble

Hi Ladies Ensemble! Thanks for being a part of our upcoming Virtual Choir VIDEO!!

“The Gift of Love”

Part Tracks 

Gift of Love – Sop 1

Gift of Love – Sop 2

Gift of Love – Alto


Soprano 1

Soprano 2



Men’s Ensemble

Hi Active Faith! Thanks for being a part of our upcoming Virtual Choir VIDEO!!

Part Tracks 

All That I Am – TENOR 1

All That I Am – TENOR 2

All That I Am – BARITONE

All That I Am – BASS

Handbell Choir 

I’m excited about our SECOND virtual hand chime choir! You have the music and chimes already – now, you just need the track to record along too. When you are finished with your video recording —  just email the file to through the website!


Tips and Tricks 

–Please find a nice spot for your music and chimes to play from and get your webcam or phone camera set up to have a good angle on your face and chimes!!

— Remember, we only want to hear the chimes in the recording – please use headphones to hear the track 🙂

The Lord Bless and Keep You 

What a wonderful opportunity to share peace with your neighbor by singing “The Lord Bless and Keep You”. Our benediction at the end of our worship services is a special time of feeling community and love. Thank you for sharing your smile, words and voice through this simple song.

We are always accepting new videos of the benediction. No deadlines! Record yourself or any configuration of voices to sing. Below, is the sheet music, lyrics and tracks to aid you in this process.


The Lord Bless and Keep You


We are are including the original key, one “low voice” and one “high voice” key. You can also choose to have some guidance and record to a guide vocal or just the piano.

Original Key with Guide Vocal – LordBless_Bb_MaleVOCAL

Original Key with piano only – LordBless_Bb_PianoONLY

High Voice Key –LordBless_C_PianoONLY

Low Voice Key – LordBless_Ab_PianoONLY

These video recordings will be used for our Sunday Morning 9:30 Virtual Worship Services on Facebook.





Hi WeeSingers! We are so glad you are here to be a part of our Virtual Choir — We have provided everything on this page so you can participate in our latest video, “This Little Light of Mine”.

Step 1 — Download lyric sheet if needed
Step 2 — Download and listen to track on your phone or computer
Step 3 — Practice with your singer(s)
Step 4 — RECORD!! — If possible, please have them wear headphones while video taping them singing with the song. So, all we hear on the recording is their voice! If headphones are too much — just play the track and have them sing-a-long 🙂


You’ll play the track through the phone and ultimately record on your laptop, or vice versa. Whatever works for you. But first make sure to practice with your child without headphones first, so they understand when to sing, etc.





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