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Weekly Update – August 11, 2016

Posted on August 13, 2016 at 8:21 pm in .
I am writing this listening to the cast rehearse Big River. Costumes are on, the scenery is finished, the orchestra and pit choir are here as well. Over 60 people are in the cast and the orchestra, another 20+ people are lending their voices to the choir, close to 60 people are part of the supporting tech and volunteer team, and all of these servant leaders have been working on the production since May. A powerful story is unfolding, the story of a vulnerable boy adopted by a widow but always on alert for when his abusive father will come around. Big River is also the story of a runaway slave running for freedom to find his family before he is sold again. And then there’s the river, a big river full of muddy waters which becomes the character of freedom and transformation for these two individuals from different worlds.
This show is about the waters of baptism…Click here to continue reading.

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