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Zoe Empowers-Mariane, Rwanda

Posted on November 28, 2022 at 1:47 pm in .


Mariane has two siblings and is part of an empowerment group in Rwanda – the Vision Empowerment Group.  She was a beggar prior to joining Zoe Empowers.  She has a successful cantina now, selling lots of products including  tea, milk, porridge, eggs, fruits, and juice. She is able to rent space for her store, but they live in the store to keep her products safe.  The remarkable thing is that she has already adopted another child, a nine year old.  This little girl had been wandering the streets like she used to do. So, Mariane had compassion for the girl, and wanted to share whatever she had.  She is also willing to give credit to those who cannot afford food – as she remembers what is is like to be hungry.   She does this even though her business is still having growing pains.

She was transformed and now she wants to transform others.




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