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McKeefery Seminary Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The McKeefery Seminary Scholarship Fund was established through a generous gift from Dr. Ruth M. McKeefery, to honor her husband, Dr. William James McKeefery, and their children, Dr. Virginia L. McKeefery-Reynolds, Carol A. McKeefery Banga, and W. James McKeefery.

It is the desire of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church to provide encouragement, prayer, and practical support for those preparing for full-time intentional Christian leadership as a Deacon or Elder through the McKeefery Seminary Scholarship Fund. The future strength of the Methodist Church rests with individuals like you who have answered the call to serve the church and lead many others through discipleship.

Applicants must meet the criteria below to be considered for an award:

• Be a member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church or another United Methodist church in the Florida Annual Conference.

• Be accepted to attend or be currently attending a Methodist seminary.

• Plan to be ordained as a Deacon or Elder in the United Methodist Church.

• Demonstrate a personal faith and commitment to full-time Christian service.

• Have actively participated in ministries of the church and served as a volunteer in the community.

Application Process

Those wishing to be considered for the McKeefery Seminary Scholarship must submit the application and all required attachments no later than April 1.



If you are unable to download the application you may request a printed copy of the application and additional required information, by contacting St. Luke’s Executive Director of Administration, Scooter Leonard, at or 407.876.4991 ext. 223; or by sending a written request to Mr. Leonard.


St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

McKeefery Seminary Scholarship Fund

4851 S. Apopka Vineland Rd.

Orlando, FL. 32819

Award Information

  • The McKeefery Seminary Scholarship Fund Committee will review all completed applications submitted prior to April 1.
  • Letters of award decisions will be mailed no later than May 1.
  • The minimum scholarship award will be $1,000 to each person approved by the award committee.
  • The scholarship will be paid directly to the seminary in the recipient’s name.
  • For questions contact St. Luke’s Executive Director of Administration, Scooter Leonard, at or 407.876.4991 ext. 223.

Past Recipients

Year Awarded Name of Recipent Seminary
2004 Britt Gilmore Duke
2004 Jerry Herships Iliff
2005 Jerry Herships Iliff
2006 Jerry Herships Iliff
2004 Gewanda Johnson Asbury
2005 Gewanda Johnson Asbury
2004 Laura (Lauri) Maben Wesley
2005 Laura (Lauri) Maben Wesley
2006 Laura (Lauri) Maben Wesley
2004 Kirkland Reynolds Candler
2005 Kirkland Reynolds Candler
2007 Christopher DeLuise Candler
2008 Christopher DeLuise Candler
2011 Christopher Kindred Asbury
2011 Jack Ladd Candler
2012 Jack Ladd Candler
2013 Christopher Agoranos Duke
2014 Christopher Agoranos Duke
2014 Kelly Rhyne Duke
2015 Kelly Rhyne Duke
2015 Dave Killingsworth Duke
2015 Meghan Killingsworth Duke
2018 Michael LeBlanc Iliff
2019 Grace Stiles Williams Candler
2019 John Shugarts Duke
2019 Staci Plonsky Iliff
2019 Jeffery Taylor Asbury
2019 Cindy Long Asbury
2019 Bailey Schreiner Duke
2020 Cindy Long Asbury
2020 Staci Plonsky  Iliff
2020 Grace Stiles Williams Candler
2020 Benjamin Spangler Duke
2020 Alina Saucedo Paucara Wesley
2021 Cindy Long Asbury
2021 Victoria Edward Wesley
2021 Cindy Long Asbury
2021 Staci Plonsky Iliff
2021 Grace Stiles Williams Candler
2021 Logan Wescott Candler
2021 John Shughart Duke
2023 Grace Stiles Williams Candler
2023 John Shughart Duke
2023 Hannah McMahan Candler
2023 Alina Saucedo Paucara Wesley
2023 Logan Wescott Candler
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