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Your Week With St. Luke’s Podcast

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Our weekly podcast, “Your Week with St. Luke’s,” is now available wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also find it on Podbean and YouTube. Listen here or click any of the icons below to subscribe!




We are currently studying:

Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes

With weekly discussions by St. Luke’s Pastors Jenn, Jad, Melissa, and Jeremy.

Obtain your copy of Christmas in the Four Gospel Homes: An Advent Study by Cynthia M. Campbell on Sundays or online at to follow along with this church-wide study.

View the weekly episode below.

Click below for weekly Discussion Questions:

History of Israel and of the World (Luke – week 1)

Read Luke 2:21-39

  • What is the story behind your name? What does it mean? Why were you given this name
  • When has someone said words about your future that you didn’t expect? Did they come true?
  • When have you been expectant (waiting for something) and it finally happened? Is there something you’re still waiting for?

Luke’s Theme of Equality (Luke – week 2)

Discussion Questions related to the lecture:

  • On what principles and hierarchies has our society been built?
  • What groups have suffered in the past as a result of this system? What groups are still suffering today?
  • Does the church reflect the same hierarchy?
  • What can/should the church do differently to support those affected by the “systems of the world?”
  • What can/should you do differently to extend equality?

As you prepare for Sunday:

  • Read Luke 4 – 5
  • How do you define community?
  • Re-read Luke 5:17-22.
  • What are 3 groups of people you see in this passage? What is each of these groups doing?
  • How would you define community after reading this passage?
  • What might be preventing people from getting to Jesus?
  • How are you helping others get to Jesus?

Food and Drink in Luke (Luke – week 3)

  • What emotions do you associate with eating, particularly in community?
  • When have you learned a lesson while sharing a meal with someone?
  • With whom do you normally break bread?
  • How do you use table fellowship as an opportunity for teaching and modeling? With friends? With family? With strangers?
  • As one who has been fed by Jesus, for whom are you setting the table, who are you feeding, and what are you feeding them?
  • How are our St. Luke’s Core Values of Discipleship and Service found in Luke’s theme of food and drink / table fellowship?

Salvation as “with-ness” (Luke – week 4)

Discussion Questions related to Ebby’s lecture:

  • After hearing Ebby’s lecture on Luke’s definition of salvation, how has your understanding of salvation changed?
  • How (or where) have you seen your own salvation? How (or where) have you seen salvation for others?
  • How have you experienced God’s presence, what power have you drawn from it
  • How are we (the church) bringing salvation to others?
  • In what visible, tangible ways are you bringing salvation to those around you?

Disciple-making (Luke 10)

As you prepare for Sunday:

  • What kind of listener are you?
  • As a disciple, what are you doing with the knowledge you are gaining through your study of Scripture? How is it forming you?
  • How are you following your learning with action? As you are following our weekly rhythm of learning, living, and loving, how are you leading your life?

The Holy Spirit as a main character (Luke Overview – week 5)

Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  • Do we acknowledge the role of Holy Spirit like Luke does? Why or why not?
  • Does it seem easy or difficult to discern the presence or direction of the Holy Spirit? How might we need to change in order to be more sensitive to it?
  • The Holy Spirit always shows up for the prayer meeting! What role does prayer play in our lives? Do we know how to pray? What are ways to think about it?

Belonging and Inclusion (Luke 10)

Questions for Discussion and Reflection as you prepare for Sunday:

  • Who, in your community, is in need?
  • Who is often times ignored by others, including “religious people?”
  • To whom are you showing mercy?
  • To whom are you extending God’s free grace and love?
  • With whom are you partnering to do this work of extending grace and mercy to others?

Connection as Mission (Luke 13)

Read Luke 13:1-9

  • When tragedy strikes your life, do you think it’s because you did something wrong?
  • When you look at others who are struck by tragedy, do you think they are being punished?
  • How quick are you to give up on things? On projects? On people?

Read Luke 13:10-17

  • How do these two passages relate?
  • How can we help return others to dignity while showing them God’s love?

Who is the Main Character (Luke 15)

  • Read Luke 15:1-2, 11-32
  • After reading the passage, who do you think is the main character, and why?
  • If you had the opportunity to re-name this passage, what would you call it and why?
  • In which character do you see yourself the most?
  • Which character is the best example of witness?

The Dishonest Steward (Luke 16)

  • Are there any characters to emulate in this story?
  • Why do you think the rich man approves the actions of the steward/manager?
  • When have you been in a position to help others with your business decisions?
  • How does whatever wealth you have serve God’s purposes?
  • How are you being a good steward?

Redefining Kindness (Luke 17)

Read Luke 17:1-4

  • How do you feel about forgiving someone seven times in one day?
  • When have you refused to forgive someone, even after they asked for forgiveness?
  • When have you caused someone else to stumble or stood in the way of someone seeking Jesus? What would you do differently now?

Read 17:11-19

  • Think about a time in your life when you’ve experienced healing. How do you show gratitude? Could you have shown more gratitude? What, if anything, would you do differently now?

Read 17:20-37

  • How does this passage make you feel?
  • Have you studied or heard this passage in the past? Was it taught differently?
  • What things cause you to be distracted? What can you do to stay focused on the things that matter?

Think about this chapter as a whole. What is your reaction? What feelings and actions does it provoke?

Redefining Humility (Luke 18)

  • How do you look upon others, in particular, your peers or those who share (or claim to share) your faith?
  • When you think about your own life, your actions, and the choices you make, do you find that you compare yourself to others? Do you think you are better than others because of your choices, your career, your level of education, how much you give to charity, your theology, etc.?
  • Does comparing yourself to others help you feel better about the way you lead you life?
  • Take a few moments to pray the prayer: “God, have mercy to me, a sinner.”
  • How does it make you feel to remember that we all sin? How does this passage help you redefine humility?

The Resurrection Story according to Luke

Read Luke 24:36-43

  • How would you react if someone you know is dead (and buried) showed up and spoke to you?
  • If you read the previous sections in this chapter, you’ll notice that Jesus has already appeared to the women and to the travelers walking to Emma’s. Why, then, do you think the disciples were so surprised to see Jesus? Why do you think the disciples still doubted?
  • In what unexpected ways has God shown up and we not recognized him?
  • What do you think caused them to finally recognize Jesus?
  • What are you leaving behind that will help others recognize you?

The Resurrection Story according to Matthew

Read Matthew 28

  • Notice all the different characters in this chapter. With whom do you identify the most and why?
  • Whose actions (or reactions) surprised you?
  • What role do we play as witnesses to God’s power in our lives, in our church, and in our surrounding community?
  • Will you joyfully, fearfully, and with great wonder proclaim the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, or lean to what is more profitable and deny that Christ is risen?
  • Keeping in mind that you are part of the post-resurrection church and that Jesus has promised to be with you always, what is God calling you to do? Who are you discipling and how?

The Resurrection Story according to John

Read John 20

  • Consider all the different characters in this chapter. With whom do you identify the most and why?
  • Whose actions (or reactions) surprised you the most?
  • How does your life of faith make room for others to question, doubt, and come to believe?

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