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Your Week With St. Luke’s Podcast

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Our weekly podcast, “Your Week with St. Luke’s,” is now available wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also find it on Podbean and YouTube. Listen here or click any of the icons below to subscribe!




Join us on Sunday nights as we continue our journey of meeting Jesus in the four gospels (currently in Matthew).

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4.18.2022 – Intro to Matthew & The Beatitudes

  • Why do we need more than one gospel?
  • What new thing(s) did you learn from the gospel of Mark?
  • What things do you hope to learn from the gospel of Matthew?
  • What things did you learn previously that you might need to unlearn?

4.24.2022 – The Sermon on the Mount pt. 1

  • If you were a 1st Century Christian who was familiar with Mark’s gospel, what would be your response of a “new” gospel seemed to pop up from another community? How might you read this new gospel?
  • How might a person respond to the beatitudes if they did not find themselves fitting the categories of poor, persecuted, or hungry?
  • What should the church today learn from Jesus’ interpretation of the Law and Mathew’s use of the Old Testament?

5.1.2022 – The Sermon on the Mount pt. 2

  • Why do we engage in religious practices? Should a “reward” be our concern at all?
  • What religious practices am I doing outside of communal worship?
  • What role does (should) social media play in our religious practice?
  • Think of a different religious practice and ask how you might apply this pattern.

5.8.2022 – The Sermon on the Mount pt. 3

  • What do you think are the heavenly treasures that Jesus refers to in to in this passage?
  • How does this section relate to the Lord’s Prayer?
  • How does this passage present a “community rule” without recreating a “law?”
  • What are some of the non-physical things in our life that we might worry about today that should fall under this instruction?

5.15.2022 – Have you removed the log from your eye? (The Sermon on the Mount pt. 4)

  • Why are we prone to see the mistakes in others, yet ignore or own?
  • What are situations within the church where we might easily “condemn” the speck in someone else’s eye instead of focusing on restoring relationship?
  • How do the instructions on asking, seeking, and knocking in Matt 7 relate to the Lord’s prayer in Matt 6?
  • How should we respond (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc) when our prayer requests appear to go unanswered or are not answered in the way we asked?

5.22.2022 – Closing out the Sermon on the Mount

  • What are your thoughts on reading these verses with an emphasis on ‘action’ or ‘deeds?’
  • How does the emphasis on ‘judgement’ and future consequences factor into the conversation we’ve had on reward?
  • How are you putting Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount into practice?
  • How are you becoming more aware of your own inner intentions when dealing with others?
  • How are you loving others?
  • How is your life confirming to Matthew’s ‘other-worldly’ logic?

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