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St. Luke’s Worship

Join St. Luke’s for Worship On Campus Sundays

9:30 a.m. Contemporary worship in Founder’s Hall

9:30 a.m. Traditional worship in the Sanctuary

Children’s programming for infants through 5th graders during both on-campus worship services is also available

*UPDATE: As of February 22, face coverings are optional while on St. Luke’s campus. Continue to wear a face-covering when working with children under the age of 5.*

Current Sermon Series: Where is Love?

We’re asking the same question now as they were asking in Dickensian Victorian England, and in the first century world: Where is love? In the gospel of John, Jesus gives us the answer: “The Word became flesh, and moved into the neighborhood.” The good news is, the answer to where we find love, is found in the incarnation. First the incarnation of Jesus, in which God became fully human to be “one of us” and reach out fully in love to walk alongside us in the fullness of the human experience. And then, we find ourselves through Jesus being invited to living incarnational lives of love as well, to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and put ourselves in the shoes of our neighbors so we can offer that same love and grace that Jesus offers us.

The world invites us, like Jesus to “consider yourself one of us.” We hear the same invitation from the musical Oliver! to see the characters on stage and empathize with them, so that we can live lives of incarnation and transform the world, transforming the systemic and cultural conditions that create inequity, abuse, neglect, etc., for those most exploited and oppressed in our society.

Where is love? In incarnation. Where is love? The answer is us.

Worship Online with St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s offers both worship service styles on Facebook at 9:30 (Contemporary) and 11:00 a.m. (Traditional). Click the button below to watch worship live:



If you feel sick, or if you are in a high-risk health group, please do not visit St. Luke’s campus. Please monitor yourself closely for symptoms of COVID-19 to keep your neighbors safe.

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