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Educational IMPACT

Posted on July 29, 2021 at 11:07 am in .

Want to make an IMPACT? 

If you have a heart for children and want to help students succeed, we need:

  • A Lay Leader for our partner elementary schools. The leader will work with the administration team to see how St. Luke’s can help the school meet its goals.
  • In-classroom volunteers.
    • Maxey Elementary school has shared that they have 4 teachers interested in getting in-classroom assistance to help with reading and math. They are PreK (1) and Kindergarten (3) classrooms.
    • Mollie Ray has shared a need for mentorships for students to help advise children about opportunities and experiences outside of their own.
  • Event coordinators.  Maxey and Mollie Ray organize events for students, families and teachers.

We do a 1.5-hour orientation with volunteers at St. Luke’s before sending them to the school. This is to help ensure that you are well-prepared and informed before heading into the classroom or at the schools.


What’s it’s like to be an IMPACT volunteer

Here’s a message from one of our IMPACT volunteers.

IMPACT volunteer Joan Weninger and her granddaughter


Hi St. Lukers!

Joan Weninger here! My husband and I have been members of St. Luke’s for four years. I’ve been asked to tell you why I enjoy volunteering at Maxey Elementary.

From the time I walk down the hall and into a classroom I feel joyful and grateful to have the opportunity to serve. I can’t believe I’m doing the Lord’s work! But that’s the nature of God. Whatever you do in His name, the more He gives back and I sure feel it!

Children are always thrilled to have someone walk into their classroom who cares enough to spend the time to be a cheerleader for them.

So, who wants to give and receive some joy?




If you are interested in helping as an IMPACT leader, an in-classroom volunteer or to help coordinate events at our partner schools, please contact Saniye Kazan at



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