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Weekly Update-June 12, 2014

Posted on June 12, 2014 at 4:58 pm in .

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Dear St. Lukers,

Well, I suppose by now you have heard those dreaded words if you missed worship last Sunday: “You should have been there!” That’s the way it is around here and always has been. You just never know when something unexpected and memorable is going to happen! In case you haven’t heard, at all of our services, while Pastor Jenn and I were reading the Acts 2 scripture passage about Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit suddenly filled a room and the hearts of 120 followers of Jesus, a flash mob started in the sanctuary and the gym. St. Lukers of all ages started dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” in a choreographed and energetic way. The screens had a “Jib Jab” look to them with the pastors hopping around, and in the end all of us, including me in my robe were flashing–or is it mobbing? At any rate it was great fun.
But it also had a purpose. It was meant to help us to live into and experience the shocking, surprising, and world changing event that gave birth to the church in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Like the scripture from Joel quoted by Peter that day, the “spirit” of celebration at St. Luke’s came upon more than a hundred singers, dancers, leaders, kids, older adults, lay people and preachers.
But that was just the beginning of a great day. The St. Luke’s Pentecost Party continued on the parking lot/soccer field with food trucks, games, music and the much anticipated dunk tank. Just for the record, 63 year old men should never be subjected to such ridicule and water torture. I am still popping the Advil.
Because of proprietary copyright restrictions regarding the use of Pharrell’s “Happy,” we cannot show the flashmob on our website, but I know Facebook and YouTube posts by others are out there. As well as some dunk tanking evidence.
This week your pastors and lay delegates are attending the Florida United Methodist Annual Conference in Lakeland. Pastor Jenn is in charge of all the worship services there, having been tapped for this responsibility for a second year by Bishop Carter. Other staff members and St. Lukers are leading workshops and providing opportunities for others to deepen their discipleship. Previously, I told you about the persons being licensed, commissioned, and ordained on Friday night, but neglected to tell you that our own Alice Williams is going to become an associate Lay Leader for the entire Conference, which encompasses almost all of the state of Florida. Include all of us and the United Methodist Church in your prayers.
Come Sunday we will all be back for the “last, but not least” St. Luke’s worship celebration. Father’s Day has us celebrating men. The messages will use Paul’s letter to Philemon as the inspiration for lifting up the important role of men in the church and world. It’s a quick read, so find a few minutes to read the entire letter before Sunday. We are going to be talking about Philemon and Paul’s hopes for him as a man of God. We’ve got no surprises up our sleeves this week. Well we don’t, but maybe God does. Show up and see!With faith, hope, and love,Bill

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