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Weekly Update-June 19, 2014

Posted on June 19, 2014 at 9:06 pm in .

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Psalms is the largest book in our Bible. It is this amazing and eclectic collection of songs and poems that were sung around the campfire and in the Temple. These Psalms are often raw and authentic expressions of people to God and to each other. Sometimes happy and joyful other times they express dismay and pain. In many ways the Psalms are the original sound track of the people of Israel.

This summer we will be exploring this soundtrack and looking at a number of the Psalms. Even though some of you will be away off and on throughout the summer, we still want to stay connected with you. There are a number of ways that you can stay connected with us this summer.

First you can Worship Online every week. You can also interact throughout the week with Twitter using the hashtag #psalmssoundtrack. You can get a copy of Elizabeth Canham’s book “Finding Your Voice in the Psalms” in the Welcome Hall of Building C, and make it part of your weekly meditation. Lastly you can sign-up to get weekly text messages by sending us your cell phone number and carrier (i.e. Sprint, AT&T, etc.). Whatever you do, wherever you go we hope you will join us this summer as we explore the Psalms: A Soundtrack for Summer.

This week we welcome two amazing young candidates for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church, both of whom have very strong St. Luke’s connections. In fact, both of them are members!

Preaching in the Liturgical and Traditional services is Shelly Denmark, Pastor Jad’s wife and like him, a graduate of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. She received her Master of Divinity degree when he did in May 2012. Shelly has been discerning just which direction her call to serve Christ would take her, and after much prayer and support by those of us who know her, she has begun the process for ordination. We affirmed her candidacy here and she was also certified as a candidate by the East Central District of our denomination.


Preaching in the Contemporary and re●define services this weekend is Will Wold, a former summer student intern here at St. Luke’s, and a recent graduate of the Duke Divinity School. He also holds his Master of Divinity degree and is pursuing ordination in the Church. Will made many great friends and admirers while he was with us, and we are delighted to welcome him in worship.

Coincidentally (or providentially, however you look at it) both Shelly and Will must preach a sermon on one of several required texts for their candidacy requirements. The sermon must be delivered in the context of worship and submitted by video. For both of them, there were Psalm text options, and since we were beginning the new series, we asked them to lead things off for us with the most familiar Psalm of them all: the 23rd. So please come to support these terrific servants of Christ on Sunday and give them a hearty “Amen” or two!

Anticipating the Soundtrack Release,


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