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A Note from Pastor Jenn-March 9, 2023

Posted on March 9, 2023 at 8:40 am in .

Dear Lenten Sojourners,

We are mid-way through our journey toward the cross and resurrection, and this week Jesus must go through Samaria to meet a woman at a well. In many ways, it’s an appointment with destiny for the woman, but it also outlines what will happen once Jesus finds himself in Jerusalem. But what’s interesting about what we find in this story is that both Jesus and the woman are thirsty at high noon.

If you are following along with the Lenten Guide and listening to our podcast with Rev. Dr. Ebby Arnold, you heard how water is used as a symbol throughout Scripture. Water is formative and dangerous, but is also God’s provision and care. But consistently throughout Scripture are the people of God, even Jesus, finding themselves thirsty.

It has been said that I drink water (and unsweetened iced tea) like I’m a camel. I can consume liters of water in a day. Always have, since I was a kid. I always have a bottle or cup walking around with me because I just can’t stand being thirsty. I think it’s less of a health thing and more of a habitual thing that stems back from childhood, and my dad never being willing to stop on road trips for drinks. So, I’m always packing the water! But I’ve realized this week that because I’m always prepared to hydrate, I don’t really remember what it’s like to be thirsty.

Except for the night I had reconstructive surgery. That’s a time I clearly remember what it was like to be thirsty. Because of the very detailed vascular work that had been done through the 8-hour surgery, my body had to be maintained at a certain temperature. The room was set to 84 degrees, I had to stay in a certain position, and other than the IVs, I don’t believe I could have anything to drink – if I did it was room temperature…YUCK (did I mention my need for a LOT of ice?). It was terrible. Awful. I was hot, sweaty, in pain, and I just wanted to drink a gallon of water – cold, ice water!

That same dry, parched need for a drink that is refreshing is not just a physical need. It’s spiritual as well (no pun intended). While Jesus is physically parched after his 20-30 mile trek to Samaria, this woman he meets at the well at high noon is looking for a spiritual drink of provision and care. Has that ever been a desire of yours? Are you spiritually parched as you make this Lenten journey? Do you find that you’ve been drinking from wells that seemed to have run dry in filling you spiritually?

Join Pastor Jeremy and I in worship on Sunday as we look for this living water offered to God’s people from Genesis to Revelation. Come bring the parched places in your spirit and let’s worship together, expectant that the Spirit who meets us in the wilderness will provide just the life, spirit quenching refreshment we need. We hope you have been following along with us in your Lenten Guide, but if not, why not start not with today’s Audio Divina by listening to the song “Riverside” by Kirk Franklin. We’ll see you at the well.

Blessing on the journey,


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