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A Note from Pastor Jenn-November 2, 2023

Posted on November 2, 2023 at 10:14 am in .

Dear St. Luke’s Saints in Training,

This Sunday is All Saints’ Day; a day of celebrating and honoring the Saints who have gone before us in the last year, and realizing that we, too, are all Saints in the making. Each year I sit with the names of St. Lukers and those in my own life who have passed to consider who they were and how I am better for knowing them. As I look at the list of names we will read and honor this Sunday, I can’t help but think of the 24 & More Vision. These beloveds may not be with us physically to bring the vision to life, but each of them, in their unique callings, caused ripples that led us to this vision and dreams for God’s Kingdom in Orlando.

Which makes me reflect: what ripples from my stewardship of God’s life have I created? What will be the stones I drop that will create waves of meaning, purpose, and belonging for others? The third vision pillar of 24 & More is related to this very question of CALL and PURPOSE. For all ages we want to concentrate on Discipleship and Evangelism with a focus on helping St. Lukers of every age become stewards of the Callings and Purposes God has given to create Kingdom ripples like those before us.

This Sunday Alice Williams will be with us as our guest preacher to celebrate All Saints’ Sunday and connect to this new vision pillar. She is going to be preaching on Jeremiah 29:11 and inviting us to consider the plans God has for each of us to Lead our Lives and leave an impact. It’s the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s an All-In Sunday, where we worship with all of the generations of St. Luke’s and gather at the Communion table. You won’t want to miss this special Sunday and the call to action we have for us to be MORE in 24.

Speaking of more, I hope you have started adding in your answers to our daily poll for 23 Days of Thanks-Giving! If you missed worship, we are asking every St. Luker to consider what they are thankful for, particularly about St. Luke’s, through Thanksgiving on November 23. Each day you’re invited to add your word of THANKS to the word cloud (click here). Then participate in a special celebration GIVING of at least $2.30 a day toward our Thanksgiving Offering for 2023 (click here to give). Before we get to the MORE of 24, lets support the St. Luke’s WE of 23! Consider sharing your thanks or the word cloud on your social media accounts each day to start a revolution of Thanksgiving by St. Luke’s.

I’m going to end my day adding YOU to my Thanks-Giving. Because my life would not be the same without U at St. Luke’s.

See you Sunday, Saints,


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