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A Note from Pastor Melissa-January 25, 2024

Posted on January 25, 2024 at 10:18 am in .

Hello St. Lukers!

It’s been a joy to hear so many of you have connected with our “Life On Purpose: Lessons from Lasso” worship series. Last week was a challenging reminder that we are not made to live alone, but to share life with one another.

This week, in our Elders Rising book study, we talked about how relationships can ebb and flow throughout our lifespan, and it was inspiring to hear the different ways people are in relationship and nurture relationships – with friends from high school, neighbors, small groups, coworkers, mentors, and mentees – and they all look different for each of us.

It’s often that diversity of experience gets lost in how we evaluate our lives, isn’t it? When we see the “ideal” version of what we think life is supposed to look like in someone else? And in reality, their life isn’t as “ideal” as we think it is. But we put pressure on ourselves to live up to artificial expectations, and so often, like Rebecca or Jamie in Ted Lasso, end up isolated and with none of what we were seeking to begin with.

So this week, we’re taking the next step in exploring our “Lessons from Lasso” to hear the call to a curious life – to “be curious, not judgmental,” as Ted says. We’ll celebrate our Circles ministry which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and hear testimonies from our Circle Leaders and Allies about why Circles has at its core both relationships and curiosity.

I hope your curiosity brings you back again this week to go deeper into what a life on purpose looks like, and I also hope your curiosity is inviting you to be a part of our upcoming PurposeFull Conversations, which are built on the idea that we need relationship to thrive with one another, especially in the hard conversations.

Registration for that will stay open throughout the year, as we will be engaging with a different topic each month, so go ahead and join in now so that you can help us grow in our understandings of one another and our world.

We’ll also be launching an online class on February 1 on Spirituality and Health in partnership with Candler School of Theology’s Foundry, which will help us look at our lives holistically and see how body, mind and soul are connected (click here to register for that).

And as always, be sure you’re caught up with the “Your Week with St. Luke’s” podcast so you are coming to worship each week with a deeper understanding of the Scripture we’ll be preaching on so that we can go deep with how it impacts our lives as we continue to Learn, Live, Love, and Lead together.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Melissa

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