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Advent Offering Gift Boxes

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Inspired by one of our youngest St. Lukers who sent us his gift to Jesus, this Advent season we want to offer St. Lukers of ANY age a chance offer their present to God for the gift of the Presence of Jesus at Christmas.

Pick up a red Advent Offering gift box during on-campus worship on Sundays at 11:15 a.m., during outdoor Family Advent Worship on Sundays at 4:00 p.m., or at the church office. Each week add your coins, bills, or checks as an extra Celebration Offering to help St. Luke’s finish 2020 strong. Pick up a box for each member of the family! Consider what you might give a loved one as a present this Christmas, and how much more you would want to give as a present to Jesus to celebrate all He offers us in His love.

Click the accordions below to learn more about what your Offering can do this year through St. Luke’s Operating Budget and our Restoring Hope initiative. Make sure and write “Restoring Hope” or “Operating Budget” on your box to help our finance team allocate your gift to the right fund.

Bring your filled gift boxes back to St. Luke’s by Sunday, December 20 to on-campus worship, or drop them off at the church office.

Restoring Hope

Your celebration offering restores hope for families facing homelessness and job loss, and children who don’t know where their next meal will come from.

The PROMISE of hope:

$150 gives a family access to secondhand furniture
$350 connects utility services for a family
$1,500 covers rent for one month
$5,000 moves a family out of a motel and into their
own home

The COMFORT of a warm meal: 

$45 buys non-perishable protein-rich food items for
4 days for a family of 4
$70 provides a Bag of Grace for a family of 4
$350 sponsors an interactive and fun healthy
cooking class for 20 food insecure youth
$3,000 sponsors a year of non-perishable food items
and healthy snacks to high school students

The HEALING power of stability:

$40 changes car oil for a low-income car owner
$150 refurbishes a used laptop for virtual connection
$1,500 closes the transportation gap for a family
without a car
$3,000 compensates youth farmers from difficult
backgrounds to work on St. Luke’s micro farm

The PRESENCE to thrive:

$120 sponsors entrepreneurship class for a low-income
$2,500 sponsors 60 adult students in 12-week Jobs
Partnership classes
$5,000 starts a micro farm in a low-income community
$25,000 starts an 18-month Circles program for 15
adults and youth

How to give:

  • Tap “Give” on the homescreen of the app or click on the Give link below and select “Restoring Hope” from the dropdown menu
  • Note “Restoring Hope” in the memo line of your check, and drop it off at the church office.

The “Restoring Hope” initiative is part of the St. Luke’s 2020+ Vision

St. Luke’s Operating Budget

Your consistent percentage giving and tithes ensures the continued operation of vital facilities and ministries through the St. Luke’s Operating Budget.

The PROMISE of ministry stability:

$280 pays for one day of property/liability insurance coverage
$1,400 cleans the entire campus for one week
$2,160 pays for toilet paper for one year (a precious resource these days)
$12,500 pays for one month of electricity/gas for the entire campus

The COMFORT of connection:  

$20 pays for a subscription for one Zoom room to facilitate an online class/support groups
$180 pays for 12 adults to attend one GriefShare cycle
$800 covers the cost of one funeral for a loved one
$3,650 staffs one week of tech support for online worship

The HEALING of discipleship:

$50 provides two kindergarteners with new Bibles
$150 purchases curriculum for one spiritual formation class
$1,500 buys a laptop for a ministry staff member
$8,000 provides Sunday School curriculum for infants-5th grade for one year

The PRESENCE of Christ’s love:

$25 sponsors one family to attend a socially-distant St. Luke’s event/gathering
$550 covers registration for a community event booth for St. Luke’s to meet our neighbors
$1,000 pays for congregational assistance with bills, counseling, scholarship, or life help
Priceless Worship that transforms the soul

Give your gift in worship, in the church office, tap “Give” on the homescreen of the app, or click on the Give link below and select “Operating Budget” from the dropdown menu.

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