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Disney and Desserts

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The Order

  • Prologue / Down in New Orleans – Lillie Thomas
  • Animazement Trio – Lillie Thomas, Shonn McCloud, Kit Cleto
  • When Will My Life Begin – Grace Flaherty
  • Mother Knows Best – Amy Martin Cole
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Alina Alcántara, AC Jenkins
  • Princess Power Medley – Laurel Hatfield, Lillie Thomas, Grace Flaherty
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls – Faith Boles
  • Un Poco Loco – Alina Alcántara
  • When She Loved Me – Matt Guernier
  • Into the Unknown – Laurel Hatfield, Faith Boles
  • Friend Like Me – AC Jenkins, Alina Alcántara, Shonn McCloud, Faith Boles
  • Dig a Little Deeper – Faith Boles, Lillie Thomas, Kit Cleto, AC Jenkins
  • Silly Symphony – Kit Cleto, Amy Martin Cole, Laurel Hatfield, Shonn McCloud

The Cast

Listed alphabetically by last name

Alina Alcántara

Faith Boles

Kit Cleto

Amy Martin Cole

Grace Flaherty

Matt Guernier

Laurel Hatfield

AC Jenkins

Shonn McCloud

Lillie Thomas

The Band

Listed alphabetically by last name

Jason Herold – Drums

John R. Mason III – Pianist

Steve MacKinnon – Keys II

Brandon Miller – Bass

The Team + Special Thanks

Listed alphabetically by last name

Ben Adams – Scenic design

Lily Cooling – Stage management shadow

Ari Glaze – Spotlight operator

Steve MacKinnon – Director

Tiffany Lyn Meadows – Stage manager

Jim Ohrberg – Lighting design

Julie Ohrberg – Backstage assistance

Dennis Robinson – Scenic install

Adam Shirley – Production technical director

Sam Stiles Williams – Spotlight operator

Patrick Tyler – Associate director of video production

Jonathan Ziegler – Production technician


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