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Making Meals for Family Promise

Posted on June 1, 2022 at 9:04 am in .

Due to the health situation these past couple of years, Family Promise families have relocated from local congregations to a local hotel. As these families transition back to local organizations, from time to time, they will be staying at the Family Promise Day Center.

St. Luker’s can share their hospitality by providing the evening meal for the families and delivering to the Family Promise Day Center.

To see how you can help and for more information, visit the Family Promise registration webpage, by clicking the button below.




Article below written by Julia Gardiner

In these difficult times, it was an absolute blessing to be able to do outreach in the community. Things aren’t easy for anybody right now, but I’m very thankful we were able to prepare meals for people who needed them.

We got a list of some items that were pretty universally liked, for example, pasta. So we did our best to make meals that everyone would enjoy. On Friday we made a tuna casserole because we weren’t sure of the religious affiliations of the families, but we wanted everyone to be accounted for. (Good Friday, 2020)

The shopping was a little nerve-wracking because it was very different than we’ve ever seen it. There were stickers to remind people to distance themselves and some people were wearing gloves and masks. There were also items that were harder to find – we ended up with 3 different brands and 2 flavors of pasta sauce because there was so little left.


The Gardiner family prepared meals for 3 consecutive days in April, 2020.


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