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Guys and Dolls: Program

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Thank you for joining St. Luke’s for our production of Guys and Dolls! Click the tabs below to view more information about the cast, show, and special thanks!

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Nicely-Nicely Johnson – Kit Cleto 

Benny Southwest – Pat Clark 

Rusty Charlie – C.J. Sikorski 

Sarah Brown – Lillie Eliza Thomas* 

Arvide Abernathy – Michael Morman 

Agatha – Katy Williams 

Calvin – Chelsea Mason 

Martha – Karin Wendzel 

Harry the Horse – Derek Hayden  

Lieutenant Brannigan – Christopher Kindred 

Nathan Detroit – David Lowe 

Angie the Ox – Joseph Harrison 

Miss Adelaide – Barbara Hartwig* 

Sky Masterson – Nathan Krug 

Mimi – Grace Flaherty 

General Matilda B. Cartwright – Julie Young 

Big Jule – Jim Morrison  

Master of Ceremonies, Drunk – Will Cooper 

Waiters – Ben Patz, Will Cooper 

Hot Box Dancers – Kaitlyn Batchelor, Kathryn Dudeck, Jackson Lee,  Lily Anastasia Mackenzie*, Jenaan Maali, Samantha Uhrig, Jessica Williams

Ensemble – Kaitlyn Batchelor, Will Cooper, Adrian Deleon, Madison Deleon, Kathryn Dudeck, Joseph Harrison, Kelsey Holder, Lydia Jarden, Alyssa La Pierre, Jackson Lee, Jenaan Maali, Christine Mesarchik, Jenna Nichols, Lily Anastasia Mackenzie*, Ben Patz, Jamie Stutz, Samantha Uhrig, Jessica Williams, Victoria Williams

*Appears by permission of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Piano/Conductor – John R. Mason III

Keyboard – Jeremiah Watson

Flute/Piccolo – Cindy Patz

Reed 1 – Scott Devlin

Reed 2 – Erik Cole

Reed 3 – Andre Agac-ac

Reed 4 – Sean McBride

Trumpet 1 – Chris King

Trumpet 1 (sub) – Ed Gaston

Trumpet 2 – Kaley Rodriguez

Trumpet 3 – Adam Zapf

Trumpet 3 (sub) – Carlos Bonilla

Trombone 1 – Bryant Scott

Trombone 2 – Joey Vascik

Trombone 2 (sub) – Alex Regazzi

Drums – Gabe Berti

Bass – Mikey McCabe

Guitar – Steve Luciano



Act 1, Scene 1: Broadway 

Fugue for Tinhorns 

Follow the Fold 

The Oldest Established 

Follow the Fold Reprise 

Act 1, Scene 2: Interior Save-A-Soul Mission 

I’ll Know 

Act 1, Scene 3: Phone Booth 


Act 1, Scene 4: The Hotbox-Nightclub 

Bushel and a Peck 

Home, Sweet Home 

Adelaide’s Lament  

Act 1, Scene 5: A Street Off Broadway 

Guys and Dolls 

Act 1, Scene 6: Mission Exterior 

Act 1, Scene 7: Street Off Broadway 


Act 1, Scene 8: Havana, Cuba-A Dive 

Act 1, Scene 9: Havana Exterior  

If I Were a Bell 

Act 1, Scene 10: Mission Exterior 

My Time of Day  

I’ve Never Been In Love Before 



Act 2, Scene 1: The Hot Box Nightclub 

Take Back Your Mink 

Adelaide’s Second Lament  

Act 2, Scene 2: The West Forties 

More I Cannot Wish You 

Act 2, Scene 3: Crap Game in the Sewer 

The Crapshooter’s Dance 

Luck Be a Lady 

Act 2, Scene 4: A Street Off Broadway  

Sue Me 

Act 2, Scene 5: Interior of Mission  

Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat 

Act 2, Scene 6: Night-Street Off Broadway 

Adelaide Meets Sarah 

Marry the Man Today 

Finale Act 2 

Act 2, Scene 7: Broadway  

The Happy Ending


Director – Steve MacKinnon 

Creative Producer – Ben Adams 

Associate Director – Faith Boles 

Choreographer – Myles Thoroughgood 

Conductor/Music Director – John R. Mason III 

Associate Music Director – Charles Stevens 

Production Stage Manager – Tiffany Lyn Meadows 

Stage Management – Christine Kindred, Julie Ohrberg, Michelle Shea

Scenic Designer – Joe C. Klug^ 

Lighting Designer – Jim Ohrberg 

Wig Designer – @teaseandfloof  

Costume Designers – CJ Sikorski, Mindi French 

Costume Design Associate – Shelby Anne Watts 

Lighting Programmer – Andrew Mulkey 

Master Electrician – James Atkins 

Audio Engineer – Tommy Atkinson

Audio Programmer – Anthony Narciso

A2 – John Stiles Williams

Master Carpenter – Tim Hartwig 

Scenic/Prop Build and Paint Crew – John Cole, Bob Horner, Tom Parham, Gregg Gill, Dylan Cox, Marietta Bear, Al Aki, Charlie Woodbutcher, Jeremy Ferrantelli, John Columbus, Kris Hysler, Julie Ohrberg, Elanor Kindred

Electrics Crew – Xavier Krejcha, Adam Shirley, Bayley Steinwehr, Samuel Stiles Williams, Jonathan Ziegler

Costume Build Crew – Linda Williams, Katy Williams, Carol Banga, Janet Barbour, Lilley Scott

Run Crew – Elanor Kindred, John Stiles Williams

Wardrobe Head – Shelby Anne Watts

Follow Spot Operators – Ari Glaze, Susan Kocarek

Light Board Operator, Student Lighting Apprentice – Sam Stiles Williams 

Video Operator – Howard Clifton

Dance Captain – Kathryn Dudeck

Production Assistant – Andrea Dunn

Box Office Manager – Mark Puig

^Member of USA Local 829


Artistic Director – Steve MacKinnon 

Creative Producer – Ben Adams

Production Manager – Tiffany Lyn Meadows 

Technical Director – Tommy Atkinson 

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications – Dawn Fleming 

Director of Children’s and Instrumental Music – John R. Mason III 

Director of Operations – Luky Nova 

Director of Video Production – Sarah Tice 

Executive Director of Administration – Scooter Leonard 


Lead Pastor – The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Stiles Williams 

Minister of Congregational Life – The Rev. Jad Denmark 

Minister of Worship and Arts – The Rev. Melissa Cooper 

Minister of Connection and Community – The Rev. Jeremy Green 


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