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I’m a St. Luker Because… [Art Weiss]

Posted on March 8, 2019 at 4:33 pm in .

St. Luke’s is excited to hear St. Luker Art Weiss’ St. Luke’s Story:

When I moved to Florida in March of 2013, with boxes galore, and me not even knowing where North is, I felt totally out of place. My wife asked me to find an internet connection, because in her words, “we need to find a church.” Within minutes she said she found one. “You did?” I said in complete disbelief. She said to me, “Art, we will go to St. Luke’s.” “Why did you pick this church?” I asked.  She said to me, “St. Luke’s is a very good church, I just know this to be true.” And that was that. She was so right.

St. Luke’s is a powerhouse of love. It is so much more than buildings and congregation size. It is a living testament of how beautiful life is when you open your hearts to the love and teachings of Jesus.

-Art Weiss, St. Luker since 2013

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