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I’m a St. Luker Because… [Donna Walters]

Posted on February 21, 2019 at 3:13 pm in .

St. Luke’s is excited to hear St. Luker Donna Walters’ St. Luke’s Story:

I grew up in the United Methodist Church, but as an adult I found myself feeling more hurt than renewed by church. Churches always felt cold and judgmental, and I just didn’t feel the Christ-centered love that I thought I would feel. My wife insisted we attend church, so we started attending a UMC in Knoxville. That started opening my heart to give church a chance. My wife and I  moved to the Orlando area 18 months ago and we knew we needed to find a church home. We came to St. Luke’s looking for a place to worship and serve others, and what we found is a ministry that freely pours that Christ-centered love that I always felt was missing.

St. Luke’s has started breaking down those barriers and judgments, and I have come to realize that some of that I had placed on myself of feeling unworthy. At St. Luke’s I’m learning that I am worthy of God’s love, as is everyone else. The people are what make a church and the people of St. Luke’s make a phenomenal one. Thank you St. Luke’s, the church has forever changed our lives.


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