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I’m a St. Luker Because… [Terry McCorvie]

Posted on February 21, 2019 at 8:05 pm in .

St. Luke’s is excited to hear St. Luker Terry McCorvie’s St. Luke’s Story:

I came to St. Luke’s looking for a place my family could call home. We soon found that here. We knew about St. Luke’s because so many of sons’ friends were involved in youth activities. Now it’s hard to imagine life without St. Luke’s. Here we have met real friends and discovered so many opportunities to learn, serve, and worship. All of that that energizes my spirit.

I really got involved in the church after I went on the Walk to Emmaus. Going on the Walk strengthened my faith and helped me understand being a believer is not enough; I also must be a do-er. The recommitment I made has taken my faith in many new directions – including Circles, 2020+ Vision, Go Full STEAM, Communion server, and Christian study. For so many years I just came to church on Sunday. I had no idea everything I was missing until I finally opened myself to the possibilities.

I’m a St. Luker because it feels like I belong. So many of my friends are St. Lukers; the worship services and liturgy strengthen me and provide a deeper connection to Jesus. I love the music AND the ministry.

I’m looking forward to helping mold the future of St. Luke’s. Even though I am a long-time St. Luker (since 1987), I also understand that the church must change as our community, and its needs change. I look forward to playing a small role in helping visualize what that future church looks like, and helping bring it to reality.

I see St. Luke’s core values lived out through our outward focus. The church inspires us and strengthen us so that we can go out and be energetic disciples to the world around us. I see St. Luke’s presence all over our community and I love that we understand that the church is way more than a building. I can’t wait to see all the ways and places we will discover to spread Jesus’ message of love to a world that desperately needs it.

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