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Weekly Update – September 25, 2014

Posted on September 25, 2014 at 11:00 pm in .

I had an old used car once that had been in the sun so long that the rear view mirror fell off. I went to the auto parts store and they gave me some glue especially designed to reattach the mirror. It didn’t work, and after a week or so, when I hit a pothole in the road, the mirror fell off again. I kept applying glue, and it kept falling off.  In a couple months there was a big blob of glue on my window, and adding more seemed ridiculously funny, but I kept trying to glob it on, to no avail. Eventually I took it to the repair shop for that model of car, and the experts made it stick for good. But first, they had to remove the big blob of glue I had accumulated. Evidently, the experts had better glue, or a more efficient way to apply it. It never fell off after that.

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