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ZOE Empowers, Rwanda Mission Experience, June 2023

Posted on June 15, 2023 at 5:34 pm in .

Join us in praying for our Rwanda Missions Team as they travel and learn from ZOE entrepreneurs this week. These youth and children are changing their families and communities for good, and we can’t wait to see what they teach us about our own community transformation work!

Click on the images below to watch as the Rwanda Missions Team start their journey!



6/17/23-A quick update after a full day yesterday!

Day 3 update from our Rwanda Team

June 19 in photos-Enjoy this quick update from our Rwanda team!











June 21 update from Rwanda team

Photo Gallery

St. Luke’s ZOE Rwanda team ready to go!




St. Luke’s partners with ZOE Empowers

Zoe Empowers is a three-year empowerment model which provides 8 general inputs in a holistic fashion, working with extreme poverty in 7 program countries (Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Malawi and India). This program empowers these orphans and vulnerable children to become economically, socially, and spiritually strong.

St. Luke’s UMC has partnered with over 1000 children, in eleven and one-half full empowerment groups.  Over 325 households have been able to be a part of this life-saving and life-changing empowerment model thanks to the generosity of our congregation.  Other families, individuals and Bible study groups associated with St. Luke’s UMC, including the United Methodist Women and our own Children’s Ministry have also partnered with empowerment groups of their own, resulting in over 1500 more children being a part of the Zoe Empowers program.

Final Report-Abundance Chidazembe, Zimbabwe, 2020-2023

Lifted Up Manzununu -Zimbabwe, 2021-2024

2021 Lifted up Manzununu, Zimbabwe

Peace Group – Zimbabwe, 2022-2025

2022 Catherine from Peace Mutasa Group

Rudorwashe “The Love of God” Guta Group – Zimbabwe, 2023-2026

Abunzubumwe “Unity” Kigembe Group, Rwanda, 2023-2025

If you would like to help support the ZOE Empowerment working groups that St. Luke’s sponsors, please click on the button below and choose “ZOE” from the fund dropdown box.



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