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A Note from Pastor Jenn-February 15, 2024

Posted on February 15, 2024 at 4:45 am in .

Dear Purposeful Disciples,

Lent is here. Last night we experienced a powerful Ash Wednesday service to begin our Lenten journey together. Through spoken words, music, liturgy, and the imposition of ashes we claimed the different expressions of love Jesus will lead us toward over our 40-day journey.

As we begin a six-week focus on the depth of love we learn from Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, we recognize that this love offered is not a sentimental kind that comes and goes with fickle feelings. The love he invites us into is an active verb that Follows, Speaks, Rumbles, Gives, Surrenders, and Humbles, teaching us what it means to Love on Purpose.

To help you along in your individual journey, we put together a Lenten Guide (click here to view/download online or pick one up on campus) that will lead you through the weekly discipleship rhythm to Learn, Live, Love, and Lead your life with Jesus’ love story. Each week begins with helpful tools to LEARN the gospel lesson of the week, followed by discussion questions for conversation and prompts for your personal study, prayers, and a music playlist to guide you as you LOVE God through private worship. Then finally, each week has prompts of stewardship through giving and serving to help you LEAD your life as Jesus’ student.

We also have a variety of groups and classes beginning today and through the month. These classes throughout the week are both on campus and online, and accessible for all ages, whether you are new to St. Luke’s or have been here from the beginning.

This is a perfect time to practice living that relational, curious, forgiving, and believing Life on Purpose we learned about in our last sermon series. What difference would it make in the meaning of Easter in your life, or the life of your family, if you committed to a holy Lent – a Lent prioritized intentionally around worship, study, conversation, and even generosity? This year we want to be a church living on purpose to create a 2024 that was MORE – more purpose, more meaning, more connection with one another and Christ. Why not start that MORE right now?

This Sunday we learn how Love FOLLOWS as the Holy Spirit moves us with Jesus into the wilderness. This is the first story of every Lenten season, and this year we study it from Mark’s perspective just as Jesus is baptized. Spend the next few days preparing for Sunday worship with your Lenten Guide (click here). I will see you on Sunday in worship and hopefully in one of our classes as we follow love all the way to Jerusalem together.

Grace, Peace, and Love,


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